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NEXT offers next gen jeans powered by THERMOLITE® INFRARED technology

The LYCRA Company Introduces THERMOLITE® ECOMADE Fiber Made from 100% Textile Waste for Insulations

H&M Kids Collection Features THERMOLITE® EcoMade Technology

THERMOLITE® EcoMade Technology Brings Lightweight Warmth, Dry Comfort to New C&A Collection

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A Step Towards Circularity: New Fibers from 100% Textile Waste

The LYCRA Company launches THERMOLITE® T3 EcoMade insulation: A breakthrough in high performance outdoor wear.

H&M adopts THERMOLITE® T-DOWN EcoMade insulation for new jackets

THERMOLITE® technology helps H&M combine function and fashion

THERMOLITE® FAR INFRARED technology delivers a new standard in warmth for socks

Introducing Celio’s stylish new technical jacket with THERMOLITE® EcoMade insulation

THERMOLITE® EcoMade fiber made from 100% textile waste

New H&M jeans feature THERMOLITE® technology